2007 SHOF Induction Ceremony

Bobby Weinstein: On being a successful songwriter

Bobby Weinstein: Getting motivated to write

Bobby Weinstein: My parents wanted me to be a milkman

Bobby Weinstein: Favorite recordings of his work

Bobby Weinstein: Gonna Take a Miracle

Bobby Weinstein: Writing about anything

Bobby Weinstein: Upcoming projects

Dolly Parton: On receiving the Johnny Mercer Award and the importance of songwriting in her life

Dolly Parton: Influences and collaboration

Dolly Parton: The ultimate award

Dolly Parton: Songs based on experience and writing for others

Don Black: On being honored by the Songwriters Hall of Fame and future projects

Don Black: On collaboration, making a living as a songwriter, and his influences

Don Black: People he has worked with, including a clip from his ceremony speech

Don Black: It's all about the song, and still writing

Don Black: Knowing who you're writing for

Don Kirshner: The honor of the Abe Olman award and his induction speech

Hal David: Dolly Parton's influence

Jackson Browne: The thrill of being inducted, getting started, and the love of music

John Legend: How the Songwriters Hall of Fame helped his career

John Legend: Songwriting inspiration and the importance of the craft

John Legend: The move from the corporate world to the music world

John Legend: Writers and artists who inspire him

John Legend: Back on the road

Michael Masser: The honor of being inducted and the influence of songwriting

Michael Masser: Working with artists and writers

Neil Sedaka: Working with Don Kirshner, his career as a songwriter, and inspiration

Phil Ramone: Why the Songwriters Hall of Fame is special

Shelley Randazzo: Honoring Teddy

Tony Orlando: The influence of Don Kirshner

Tony Orlando: Don Kirsher's contribution to so many careers