2006 SHOF Induction Ceremony

Mac Davis: On being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Mac Davis: About his song "In the Ghetto"

Mac Davis: Buddy Holly as an influence and being from Texas

Mac Davis: Origins of the phrase "Song Painter"

Mac Davis: Something's Burning

Sylvia Moy: The song "Uptight" and Stevie Wonder's voice

Sylvia Moy: On working with Hank and succeeding in the business as a woman

Thom Bell: Describes the "Philly Soul"

Thom Bell: The songwriting process

Thom Bell: On collaboration

Thom Bell: Working with Dionne Warwick and The Spinners

Will Jennings: Writing for movies and writing for artists

Will Jennings: The experience of writing "Tears in Heaven"

Will Jennings: How he finds projects

Will Jennings: Upcoming projects

Will Jennings: On being inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Cheyenne Kimball: On performing for Mac Davis

Cheyenne Kimball: Meeting John Mayer

Gavin DeGraw: On performing Change Is Gonna Come

Gavin DeGraw: Meeting Alan Klein

Gavin DeGraw: His current projects

Jody Klein of ABKCO Music: The Abe Olman Publishing Award

John Mayer: On receiving his award

John Mayer: Following your heart musically

John Mayer: His new album

John Mayer: The artists who have influenced him

Kris Kristofferson: On Johnny Mercer and his other influences

Kris Kristofferson: Writing songs and his personal style

Kris Kristofferson: Being recognized with the award

Paul Shaffer: The talent of Thom Bell

Pete Yorn: On performing for Peter, Paul and Mary

Pete Yorn: "Blowin' in the Wind" and Bob Dylan

Peter, Paul & Mary: On receiving the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award

Peter, Paul & Mary: Discovering music and material

Peter, Paul & Mary: Finding purpose in songs and folk music

Peter, Paul & Mary: All the years of friendship, collaboration, and more

Stevie Wonder: His many collaborations

Trace Adkins: On performing for Kris Kristofferson

Trace Adkins: On Kris Kristofferson as a songwriter and an influence